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David Beveridge
David Beveridge

Head of Operations and Sales

As head of Operations and Sales. I manage the day to day business needs of Peoplebank, this involves managing the fantastic Peoplebank Team and our great clients, I also have the responsibility of ensuring continued business growth at Peoplebank this involves, meeting prospects, attending events, demoing and generally letting People know about our amazing software.

Time with Peoplebank : 4 years

David likes...

Film : The Shawshank Redemption

Music : Oasis

Holiday : Los Angeles

Hobbies : Spending time with friends, walks with my family and playing/watching Football.

Fact about David : I have seen myself in a computer game!

Michelle Kerr
Michelle Kerr

Senior Account Manager

Working daily with all our clients, assisting them in every way to ensure they are receiving the best possible service.

Time with Peoplebank : 3 years

Michelle likes...

Film : Bridesmaids

Music : 80/90's

Holiday : Florida

Hobbies : Boxercise & spending quality time with my family.

Fact about Michelle : Took part in the Edinburgh 2016 Moon Walk and raised over £800 for the charity.

Andrew McDougall
Andrew McDougall

Account Manager

I work hand in hand with some of the biggest brands in the world to ensure they are getting the most from our ATS. This involves managing all of our clients recruitment needs.

Time with Peoplebank : Just started

Andrew likes...

Film : Starship Troopers

Music : Alternative rock

Holiday : California

Hobbies : Playing guitar, spending time with friends.

Fact about Andrew : I was the frontman for a melodic tech metal band!

Jamie McLaren
Jamie McLaren

Junior Account Manager

Learning and working with the Account Management team.

Time with Peoplebank : 1 month

Jamie likes...

Film : Pulp Fiction

Music : Arctic Monkeys

Holiday : Nepal

Hobbies : Hiking, football, rugby & the pub.

Fact about Jamie : I have lived in over 5 countries.

Alaric Pether
Alaric Pether

Senior Systems Developer

In addition to coding, as a Senior Developer I work alongside the Account Management team to work on, manage & implement client projects.

Time with Peoplebank : 5 years

Alaric likes...

Film : David Lynch & Stanley Kubrick

Music : Blue and Metal

Holiday : The Western Isles

Hobbies : Running marathons, competing in triathlons, travel, playing music and computer programming..

Fact about Alaric : I have played guitar for over 20 years, and have performed in both the UK and Europe.

Hemangi Wadkar
Hemangi Wadkar

PHP Developer

Driving improvements to our product through 2019 and beyond.

Time with Peoplebank : The new kid on the block.

Hemangi likes...

Film : Harry Potter (Film series)

Music : Any music to which I can dance my heart out.

Holiday : Goa

Hobbies : I like to create timelapse videos while I doodle. I enjoy reading fictional books and memoirs of famous people.

Fact about Hemangi : I have a Facebook page to share my creativity that has almost 700 followers.

Naomi Trevor
Naomi Trevor

Junior PHP Developer

Maintaining our awesome ATS and handling client customisations.

Time with Peoplebank : 2 months

Naomi likes...

Film : Star Wars, The Lion King

Music : Indie Folk & Pop, Soundtracks

Holiday : Italy, America

Hobbies : Reading, gaming, programming, trying to win every cat's affection.

Fact about Naomi : I've coded and helped run multiple text-based RPG websites for the past decade, including a Harry Potter, Star Wars and mythology based one.

Marcin Wilinski
Marcin Wilinski

Junior PHP Developer

Coding solutions to client requests and contributing to the system development roadmap.

Time with Peoplebank : 1 month

Marcin likes...

Film : A Good Year, Walter Mitty, What Dreams May Come

Music : Classical, Chill

Holiday : Far East...Poland

Hobbies : Photography, Philosophy, Self Improvement

Fact about Marcin : I have a YouTube channel about brewing your own beer.

David Brown
David Brown

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

Managing the Front-end Design Team & Building careers sites & candidate experiences, to attract the highest calibre of applicants to our client's vacancies.

Time with Peoplebank : 3 years

David likes...

Film : The Station Agent

Music : Post Rock

Holiday : Berlin

Hobbies : Ashtanga Yoga

Fact about David : I have an IMDB credit as Death/Conference Organiser for the 2012 action/comedy Electric Man.

Brian Cant
Brian Cant

Lead Tester

Brian manages the testing team and is responsible for Quality Assurance on Peoplebank's system development and client delivery.

Time with Peoplebank : 4 years

Brian likes...

Film : Pulp Fiction

Music : Stevie Wonder

Holiday : Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hobbies : Music, Football, Socialising (!), Films, Reading

Fact about Brian : I will have been married 30 years this year, have 1 son (17), enjoy long weekends, tunes, football, going out and talking about myself.

Robbie Greenan
Robbie Greenan

Apprentice Software Tester

Tester for Peoplebank's system development and client sites.

Time with Peoplebank : 1 year

Robbie likes...

Film : Hot Fuzz

Music : Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Holiday : New York

Hobbies : Football, Video Games, Movies

Fact about Robbie : I have been in a Youtube video that got over three million views.

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